You’ve probably seen the human evolution diagram many times. Scientists believe that human evolved from apes with hunched and curved back into what we are today – tall standing humans. When smart phones and computers were invented, we wouldn’t have expected that it could reverse the evolution backwards – well, posture wise.

LordosisImage taken from http://body-disease.com/deformities-of-the-spine-lordosis-kyphosis-and-scoliosis/

I’ve seen plenty of young adults, especially youths with bad posture due to the constant use of their mobile devices. The 2 most common posture deviations you see today due to excessive use of smart phones and computers are the Forward Head and Thoracic Kyphosis, or I would call it The Modern Posture. These postures are seen almost everywhere today compared to when I was in my teens.

Although there is no perfect posture, we should always strive to correct our posture whenever we can. Bad posture can lead to pain and injuries to your lower back, neck, shoulders, hips and knees if not corrected. Couple this with a sedentary lifestyle and you’re in for a hard time. Bad posture will also make you look less confident.

I offer posture correction services and I have helped “fix” my clients’ posture by lengthening suspected tight muscles, strengthening suspected weak muscles and instilling good posture habits through education. Experts say that we can’t fix bad posture per se, but we can improve on our bad posture provided if it is not a deformity on your spine or bones. Here are some tips on how you can improve on your posture today.




Image taken from http://www.care2.com/greenliving/the-real-reason-your-neck-and-upper-back-hurt.html
  1. Stand tall against the wall with your heels, bum, shoulder and head touching the wall while keeping your chin tucked.
  2. Push your shoulders back and squeeze your shoulder blades (Shoulder Packing) against the wall as part of your stretching exercise.
  3. Remind yourself how this feels and step away from the wall. This is how you should feel and look like when you stand with a correct posture.



Image taken from http://www.mindbodygreen.com/0-16252/how-texting-damages-your-posture.html

If you are observant enough, you’ll notice that the elderly will usually lift their phone up to their eye level when they are trying to read their text on their tiny phone. It may not look cool, but that’s the correct way of reading your phone. Smart phones were only introduced to them recently and they have not developed the bad habit of looking down on their phone, like most of us do today. Or perhaps they may have poor eyesight and it makes it easier for them to see their phone that way. Anyway, check out the link above on how texting can hurt you.




If you spend hours on the road in your car, bad siting posture will become a habit. Correct your posture while you’re in the car by adjusting your seat. Get your head supported by the neck rest if possible. You don’t see Formula 1 drivers hunching over their specially moulded seat when they drive do you?



image taken from http://comprehensivepainmanagementcenter.com/correct-sitting-posture/

You’ve probably seen and heard of this many times but do you listen? Probably not. But it is still worth reminding you that if you spend hours on the computer, sitting at a correct posture is very important especially for your lower back and neck.



So whenever your mom nags you to sit up straight or keep your chest up when you’re standing, she is definitely right. After all, moms know best. A good posture can help you look like you’ve lost 2 pounds immediately, look more confident and feel better. Keep on practicing good posture habits and set a reminder in your smart phone to check on our posture every 1-2 hours or so. If you need more help with correcting your posture especially if you’re suffering from joint pains, do contact me. I would love to help.




PS: Here’s a client of mine who had his posture almost corrected within 2 months. To a trained eye, you can see some slight improvement. There’s still work to be done but he definitely feels better and more confident now. Even his friends are noticing his new posture and some even asked if he has lost weight.