So what should I do for my shoulder?

PART 2 of Dr. Terrence Chee’s ramblings

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Exercise regularly
Regular suitable exercises, that gives you the opportunity to work your joints to it’s fullest potential. Same reason why doing house chores is not considered beneficial, productive exercise although yes, it does burn calories. Exercises which are suitable for your age, health conditions, concerns and limitations will then allow you to start off well and progressively push your boundaries. This is how we develop stronger, healthier joints. And an equally important aspect is that it has to be regular. My suggestion, daily. What type of exercise? Where? Intensity? This will depend on your goals.

Avoid counter-productive habits

  • Sleeping late and insufficient sleep
  • Maintaining a certain posture for too long
  • Sitting too long in the wrong position
  • Smoking/drinking excessively
  • Irregular exercises
  • Sleeping in cold environment

Eat and drink well
Healthy nutrient rich wholesome unprocessed food is the way to go. Achieving results from the time, energy and effort invested into your exercises also depends on what we are feeding our body. We need suitable nutrients to progress optimally.


Solve your issues fast
Solve problems effectively and efficiently. There is such thing as choosing the proper route to recovery and choosing the most effective way would also require identifying the obstacles at present. So solving your issues will require professional help and advise. If the issue is minor enough then yes, it would probably be okay to use simple remedies or just let it heal on its own. From experience, that’s usually not the case. So do consider if you need to seek help from someone else.

Written by Dr. Terrence (Osteopath) 

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