A program that approach wellness holistically. We take into account not just your body weight, but also your medical results, joint & muscle health and lifestyle behaviour change.


Common Chronic Disease

Cardiovascular disease
Cancer Recovery
Parkinson’s Disease

Safe & Effective

Our medical fitness program aims to use exercise as medicine to prevent, reverse and even treat common non-communicable diseases. This program is suitable for active seniors too!

Helping You Live Your Life To Its Fullest

EMPOWER yourself! Learn how take control.

We don’t just make you sweat. We spend time educating and encouraging healthy lifestyle behaviour change for the long run. If you’re injured, we know how to work around your pain. Our program also includes evidence-based nutritional guidelines to help manage your weight effectively. Say no drastic or yo-yo weight loss.

We offer tailor-made program to suit YOU.

Safe and effective program by an international award-winning specialist.

No gimmicks. Just science-based approach to solving your problem.

One-to-one personal attention during every session. No waiting in line.

Goal Setting

Do you need to lose weight? Wished you could start running again? Or be able to play sports with your friends or family? Whatever your goal is, we will work together to achieve them.

One-on-One Coaching

Make an appointment with us and we will be there waiting for you, not the other way round. Every session will be attended to by our certified coach.

Nutrition Advice

We also provide non-fad, evidence-based nutritional guidelines that suits your lifestyle by a qualified dietitian.

Healthcare Alliance

We are able to work with your physician or healthcare provider such as dietitian to maximize your results.


“Ke Wynn had changed my lifestyle to a healthier and fitter one. From once a man who can’t even do 3 push ups, who now can do more than 10 easily. From once a man who can’t run right, to one who just signed up to his ever first ever marathon.

I lost weight from 94.5 kg to now 87kg over a period of a few months. It isn’t fast for a reason. Injury prevention. Yes, he has corrected my posture and moved me up the intensity bar over a steady period.

Thanks Ke Wynn, looking forward for the many months to go and to a healthier lifestyle.”

Andrew Ng

“I started life as a keen sportsman, playing 1st team Rugby and cricket as a teenager and used to do serious circuit training and developed a fit stamina. After that my general fitness has declined over the years and have put on a few kilos. Recently I was diagnosed with early Parkinson’s disease and the importance of exercise and core muscle stability suddenly became relevant to keep me mobile whilst battling a progressive disease like Parkinson. I have lived in Penang for many years and thru a recommendation from my friend John Morgan I was introduced to Wynn who has given me confidence and discipline to improve my balance and gait whilst improving my fitness. Best move I have made. Tq Wynn”


I was 83kg and enjoyed my beer after tennis. But a friend of mine, Philippe Basso suggested that I should take up Gym and weight training. Best advice ever given by a French man! 6 months later I lost 10kg and built strength and stamina. I haven’t been in a gym for 50 years- now it’s hard to keep me out. Wynn has been a tremendous inspiration and his patient coaching has helped me build up my core muscles, my balance and my flexibility. I recommend Wynn’s coaching method to anyone who wants to look good and feel good however “old ” your years!

John Morgan

Our medical fitness program is available at RM1580 (NP RM1830) only.

Do you get confused from conflicting exercise and diet advice? Do you need a coach to motivate and guide you to wellness?

Our medical fitness program is a systematic approach that takes your health limitations into consideration while adopting corrective exercise principles for injury prevention.

For RM1580 (SAVE RM250), you will get a total of 13 sessions which includes:
– 10 personal training sessions
– 1 Full assessment and 2 follow-up session with a Dietitian
– Vital body stats measurement, nutritional guideline and lifestyle behaviour change coaching.

*Terms & conditions apply. Sessions must be completed within 12 weeks.

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