Dr. Terrence Chee, the founder of The Osteopathic Approach, has been providing Osteopathy and Physical Therapy services within the fitness industry since 2010. A passion for holistic healthcare has led him to focus on comprehensive musculoskeletal optimization which includes aspects within Osteopathy, fitness, and nutrition in his daily practice. This results in services that are personalized and effective to all patients.

While regularly attending courses and reading to stay abreast of the latest knowledge and development, he enjoys educating and creating awareness on fitness, wellness and health topics. This cycle provides a great sense of encouragement and fulfillment as he continues to witness lives improve on a daily basis. Besides an exciting career as an Osteopath, Dr. Terrence spends his time reading, running and traveling.

Special interest in:
Neck, upper back and shoulder injury

Visiting hours:
Monday & Tuesday (by appointment only)
8am – 7pm

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