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Sometimes we can't avoid injury. However, we can do something to avoid suffering from it. As a corrective exercise, sports injury and medical fitness specialist, I've worked with various clients with different musculoskeletal and health conditions. I am glad to be given the opportunity to change their life. Here are just some of our success stories.


⁠⁠⁠I was diagnosed with a slipped disks in 2013 & has been frequently bugged by lower back pain for the past two years. Then I met KE WYNN & decided to enroll in his PT program. With his professional help & expertise I managed to strengthen & build a better core. I also lost 4KG in 3 months and trim my waistline from 35″ to 31″. Ain’t seen the “Six Pack Abs” yet but presently I couldn’t be any happier with my physical condition!! “WHEN YOU LOOK GOOD, YOU DEFINITELY FEEL GOOD”. And this is just the beginning.
Chong Boon

I started the online personal training programme in May and Ke Wynn has helped me to develop a workout programme tailored to my needs and also advised me on my food intake. Although being so far apart, he has kept me motivated to continue on with my workout with his constant follow up. Within a month I had visibly lost weight, gained definition and was eating much more healthily. I would definitely recommend Ke Wynn because he is a great personal trainer and he does it with passion.
Jack Ong

I had trouble losing my post-pregnancy weight after delivering my first baby. I only started exercising a year after and it was very difficult for me to get back to shape. As an active person, I’ve participated in many sporting events such as duathlons, runs, cycling, and exercised 3 times a week on top of that. I thought I was doing a lot and assumed that I was eating right but with little results. I felt discouraged.

Ke Wynn started educating me on proper nutrition and I started tracking my calories with an app he recommended. He also advised me to exercise correctly and designed a balanced program that includes weights, HIIT, endurance and recovery sessions. I felt motivated after the first month and exercised more regularly for an hour, 5 times a week. Rapid results started showing up and I hit my weight and body fat goal in just 3 months. I feel fitter, healthier, stronger and more confident especially when people started complimenting me. Hard work pays off!

Alishia Lim

I have never knew what I could do other than running, hiking, cycling and walking as my exercise routine. Getting myself to be healthier and physically stronger can be a challenge. The challenge I must admit would be the consistency and making workout a habit. Two months ago I signed up with a personal training coach. At first, it wasn’t comfortable and a lot was needed to be done to find my pace. Then slowly things become better. I ate healthier and workout more these 2 months than the past. I was equipped with the knowledge and idea of simple meals and workout routine I could do. While I don’t have any pictures of any drastic change in my physique to show you, I can tell you I have become better. Thank you Ke Wynn – Personal Trainer for the guidance and disciplining! (Yep! Coach is suppose to nag you too!)
Kee Sitt

Both of us have never been seriously working out in gym through a proper training or guidance. Indeed, with our marriage inching within few months, we felt the need to discipline ourselves to look good for our big day…:)
That was when we decided to sign up with Ke Wyn as our personal trainer…in our mind, beginning of TORTURE!!!!!! Ha ha…..
Much to our surprise and delight, the next 3 months of working out sessions under Ke Wynn have been very fruitful and enjoyable…indeed it became our bonding session towards our marriage and also towards a better healthier life…. now we look better , feel better and most importantly live better together!!
Thanks a lot to Ke Wynn for bringing FUN and JOY to working out in gym !!!
Khang Heng

Ke Wynn had changed my lifestyle to a healthier and fitter one. From once a man who can’t even do 3 push ups, who now can do more than 10 easily. From once a man who can’t run right, to one who just signed up to his ever first ever marathon.

I lost weight from 94.5 kg to now 87kg over a period of a few months.  It isn’t fast for a reason. Injury prevention. Yes, he has corrected my posture and moved me up the intensity bar over a steady period.

Thanks Ke Wynn, looking forward for the many months to go and to a healthier lifestyle.

Andrew Ng

Wynn really have the knowledge to teach us the right way to exercise which avoid us from injury . This will enhance our confidence to work out more for the benefit of our health.


I was 83kg and enjoyed my beer after tennis. But a friend of mine, Philippe Basso suggested that I should take up Gym and weight training. Best advice ever given by a French man! 6 months later I lost 10kg and built strength and stamina. I haven’t been in a gym for 50 years- now it’s hard to keep me out. Wynn has been a tremendous inspiration and his patient coaching has helped me build up my core muscles, my balance and my flexibility. I recommend Wynn’s coaching method to anyone who wants to look good and feel good however “old ” your years!
John Morgan

I started life as a keen sportsman, playing 1st team Rugby and cricket as a teenager and used to do serious circuit training and developed a fit stamina. After that my general fitness has declined over the years and have put on a few kilos. Recently I was diagnosed with early Parkinson’s disease and the importance of exercise and core muscle stability suddenly became relevant to keep me mobile whilst battling a progressive disease like Parkinson. I have lived in Penang for many years and thru a recommendation from my friend John Morgan I was introduced to Wynn who has given me confidence and discipline to improve my balance and gait whilst improving my fitness. Best move I have made. Tq Wynn


I looked up Ke Wynn to help me with my lower back weakness and pain from a workout injury. Almost immediately, he was able to schedule me for a session to relief my back soreness. Just one hour in, I stood up with a stronger core and posture. Most importantly, I learned the right posture to my exercises to prevent injury. Ke Wynn is easy to work with and very knowledgeable in his work. Thanks Ke Wynn!
Jessie Chiang

After 6 months of extreme pain and discomfort, numerous medical tests and lots of different kinds of medicine, Ke Wynn finally helped me to begin the road to recovery via physiotherapy/trigger point release. Thank you.
Ally Muir



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