Do you only have a pair of dumbbell at home? Here’s a full-body workout which is pretty challenging, that you can do at home just by using a single pair of dumbbell. Level: Intermediate to advance Suggested weight: 1kg-5kg Dumbbell Reps & Sets: 10-15 reps, 3-4 sets each side Focus on proper form and technique! Don’t CHEAT!
This is an interval-based cardio exercise program that is suitable for people with painful knees, that you can do at home without any equipment. Intensity level: Beginner to intermediate Timer: 30/15sec (work/rest) Workout: Perform 3-5 sets. Exercises: 1. Hinge and Jab 2. High Knees Tap 3. Modified Jumping Jacks 4. Jogging on the Spot 5. Plank with Knee Tap 6. Butt Lift


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Cork, Ireland A majority of lower back pain is due to muscle spasm. Common back aches such as tightness when bending down, soreness from sitting or standing too long or mild discomfort after an activity is usually a common back problem that may not necessarily require a physician’s attention. For such cases, massage and gentle stretches is usually sufficient to help relieve the strain temporarily. However, it can be inconvenient to arrange an appointment to

Medical Fitness Center of the Year 2019 Award!

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“We did it again! In November 2019, Ke Wynn Medical Fitness Center was featured by Global Health & Pharma under the Fitness & Nutrition Awards 2019 as Medical Fitness Center of the Year 2019! We are excited to be listed as one of the leading and pioneering health & fitness companies, spanning from UK, US and across the globe. It is a great honor to be recognized globally as a Medical Fitness Center that is
We are constantly told to exercise more. But how much exercise and how hard should we push our self in order to see some health benefits? This is one of the most common question I get from people I meet. There are plenty of confusion when it comes to exercise. We are reminded that more is better, yet, although death during exercise is rare, vigorous physical activity is associated with increased risk for fatality, particularly