EAT MOVE SLEEP: Chapter 1-2

Posted by Ke Wynn Lee on  June 16, 2015

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A summary of the book EAT MOVE SLEEP Chapter 1 & 2. CHAPTER 1 FORGET FAD DIETS FOREVER One problem is that being ‘on a diet’ is a temporary effort that assumes an endpoint. Many popular diets are destined to fail. Ask yourself, how many times have you attempted a ‘diet’ you read online or heard from a friend? How did it go? Most of the time, it was a short term effect. The moment


Posted by Ke Wynn Lee on  June 8, 2015

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Most of the time, health is given. You just need to keep it. Unfortunately, many of use lose it and we struggle to gain it back. Living healthily can be very complicating for some of us. We’re exposed to the latest diet fad, schemes and products that don’t work and even dangerous to become healthier or to lose weight. We get contradicting statements from ‘professionals’ and all sorts of ideas from everyone. In our quest
Back in the old days, one of the most common way of determining your exercise intensity level is by calculating your maximum heart rate. The age old formula that is very popular until today is: 220 – Your Age = Max Heart Rate For example, if you’re a 30 year old male or female, your estimated maximum heart rate is (220-30 = 190 beats per minute aka bpm). An intensive level of exercise would roughly
You’ve probably heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And although eating the right breakfast fuels your body, provides long-lasting energy and satiety, prevents overeating at lunch and sets the tone for the entire healthy day, we love all three meals. Each on is equally important in its own way. That being said, it’s not just eating breakfast that’s important, it’s choosing the right one. Consuming the wrong breakfast can be
Congratulations on taking your first step to a better you! You’ve just made a good investment in your health and fitness. Now what? It is important to know that although you’ve hired a personal trainer, the success of your program highly depends on you. Hiring a personal trainer is not the ultimate solution to your health and fitness goals. Instead, a permanent change of a healthier lifestyle by eating right and being more active is