LOSING WEIGHT IS NOT ROCKET SCIENCE Every New Year, you make a resolution to lose weight and live healthier. Like most people, you procrastinate and repeat the same resolution year after year but this time, you are ready and committed. You start reading articles and tips on how to lose weight from Social Medias and websites. Some of the most common tips you hear are a special concoction of fruits and vegetables to stimulate your
Wouldn’t it be awesome if your body still continues to burn calories after a workout, even if you’re not actually working out? Here’s the good news. Yes, you can! Today’s post will talk more about this after burn effect. You decided to go for a 30 min jog this beautiful morning. You put on your running shoe, turn on the music and set up your watch. You start to jog and you feel like you’re
A summary of the book EAT MOVE SLEEP Chapter 4 & 5. CHAPTER 4 Sugar is the next nicotine Sugar is a toxin. It fuels diabetes, obesity, heart disease and cancer. One report described sugar as “candy for cancer cells”.  It accelerates aging and inflammation in the body and consequently fuels tumor growth. The lesser sugar you take, you reduce the odds of cancer. There are simply no good reason to consume any ADDED sugar
  If you are a night owl, an early bird or a combination of both, there is one thing we all have in common: You probably aren’t getting enough sleep. While many of us aspire to get those recommended eight hours of sleep, we often try and get by with five or six. Let’s face it—sometimes life gets in the way. We might get absorbed watching a favorite show, get lost reading a good book,