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Is getting injured normal? Does pain and fitness always come hand in hand? Is no Pain no Gain mantra really the way to go? What if I tell you that there is a smarter way to get fit, strong and lean, injury free?

“The shortcut to fitness, is doing it right in the first place”

BOOK INCLUDES: Essential exercises for people with back, knee and shoulder pain along with exclusive video tutorials!



“This book is a great introduction to some of the basic principles of corrective exercise and how these strategies can be incorporated into your workouts. It is filled with great illustrations and links to videos to help you understand how to perform the recommended movements correctly. Ke Wynn is a credit to The BioMechanics Method family!” – Justin Price (Education Director for The BioMechanics Method)
“Ke Wynn’s book is an excellent read for all who are looking to improve their fitness the proper way. Even if you are an experienced gym-goer, there will be a few useful tips to take away. The picture and video tutorials are easy to understand and thorough without getting too technical.” – Dr. Tuan Fern (Chiropractor)
“Great amount of knowledge for the most beneficial and rewarding workouts. Informative, simple and concise!” – Dr. Terrence (Osteopath)
“Pain Free Fitness will be a good enlightenment for individuals who decide to start exercising to minimize risk of injury, those recuperating from sports injuries and elderly group for injury prevention” – Dr. Amaleswaren (Orthopedic Surgeon)
“An eye opener. It clears up some misconception that we normally have about workout and pain . The book explain the type of treatment and exercise in detail that we need for conditioning and rehabilitating of our body.” – Ting Hwa
“Good job on the compilation, Ke Wynn! Very useful tips, easy to read and user friendly. Love the video tutorials too! 👍” – Jenny Liew

Content: 50+ pages with exercise instructions

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