A unique combination of osteopathy and award-winning corrective exercise program to address and resolve your neck and shoulder pain


Common Neck & Shoulder Injuries

Shoulder Impingement
Rotator Cuff Injury
Frozen Shoulder
Post-Surgery Shoulder Rehabilitation
Neck pain
Nerve Impingement
Forward head posture
Rounded back

Safe & Effective

Our unique program approaches your problem by assessing your kinetic chain to determine the root of the problem, and address it through osteopathy and corrective exercise.

Helping You Live Pain-Free

EMPOWER yourself! Learn how and why you’re hurting.

We don’t just treat your problem. We spend time educating and explaining to you why you hurt, and how you can go about your daily life by adopting healthy and pain-free movement. Our program teaches you how to get back to playing your favourite sport or activity again.

We offer tailor-made program to suit YOU.

Safe and effective program by an international award-winning specialist.

No gimmicks. Just science-based approach to solving your problem.

One-to-one personal attention during every session. No waiting in line.

Goal Setting

Have you been wanting to get back to lifting weights? Wished you could start tennis again? Or be able to play sports with your friends or family? Establishing a goal will help us design a program that goes beyond just treating your pain.

One-on-One Coaching

Make an appointment with us and we will be there waiting for you, not the other way round. Every session will be attended to by our certified coach and osteopath to guide you through your recovery process.

Non-Surgical Approach

Before resorting to something drastic such as surgery, we urge you to consider a non-invasive and drug-free approach first.

Healthcare Alliance

Our solution combines the expertise of our in-house osteopath and our award-winning corrective exercise specialist to provide you a comprehensive recovery and strengthening program.


“Ke Wynn is helping me correct my posture (uneven shoulders, hunched shoulders) through strengthening exercises to target my weaker muscles – as well as various stretches to prevent sciatica.”

Julienne Archer

“When I first came here, my shoulder and back muscle was painful and tight. A found out that my left Rotator Cuff is not strong enough to support my left shoulder. I had to release muscle tension at my shoulder and learn how to engage my chest muscle and abs whenever I do weight lifting. After few weeks of training by Ke Wynn, I feel fine now and no longer feel tight on my shoulder and back. It’s worth it to consult a sport injury specialist to recover from an old injury.”

Tze Seng

“Had sore shoulder and neck for almost a month, and Dr Terrence (osteopath) fixed it in two visits!”

Abelyn Lim


Our program takes you through all 4 phases of care.









Our award-winning neck and shoulder program is available at RM1200 (NP RM1440) only.

Are you fed up of the pain coming back every other day? Ever wished you could learn how to manage your neck and shoulder pain on your own with just a few exercises?

Our neck and shoulder solution is a systematic approach designed to include osteopathy and strategic corrective exercise program.

For RM1200 (SAVE RM240), you will get a total of 8 sessions which includes:
– 4 Sports Massage Therapy
– 4 Corrective Exercise Program

*Terms & conditions apply. Sessions must be completed within 12 weeks.

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