Most of the time, health is given. You just need to keep it. Unfortunately, many of use lose it and we struggle to gain it back. Living healthily can be very complicating for some of us. We’re exposed to the latest diet fad, schemes and products that don’t work and even dangerous to become healthier or to lose weight. We get contradicting statements from ‘professionals’ and all sorts of ideas from everyone. In our quest to stay healthy, we try them all and fail.

I would like to thank Conor from Warrior Bootcamp for introducing me a book called “EAT MOVE SLEEP” by Tom Rath. Living healthy lifestyle should not be difficult. As what the title suggest, you just need to EAT right, MOVE more and get sufficient SLEEP. Eat Move Sleep teaches you how to make small and practical changes to improve your odds of a longer, healthier and more fulfilling life.

If you get the chance, read the book. If you’re too busy, here’s a good news. I plan to summarize 2-3 chapters of the book every week so please keep visiting this blog.


You have the power to make thr right choices over time to greatly improve your odds of a long and healthy life. The problem is, you do not see the threats that your small daily decisions pose in the moment. You have little urgency to change your diet until all those years of fried food, sugar and processed meat cause a heart attack at age 60. At that point, reversing disease is possible but more difficult.

Regardless your age, you can make better choices in the moment. Small decisions about how you eat, move and sleep each day.


– (EAT) Every bite of food either inceases or decreases your odds of spending a few more years with your family.
– (MOVE) 30 min of exercise in the morning makes for better interactions all day
– (SLEEP) The sound night sleep of sleep gives you energy to tackle the next day.

What seem like small, inconsequential moments accumulate rapidly. When your good daily decisions outweigh your poor ones, you boost your chances of growing old in better health.

Next post will be a summary of Chapter 1 to 3. Stay tuned.