“If you have pain or injury, we can create a fitness program that work around it safely and effectively.”


In recent years, people go to a gym to become healthier. Most of the time, it is rarely sufficient. Our team of highly skilled and qualified professionals work collectively to ensure that you get the correct dose of medically integrated exercise program to pave your path to wellness.

The paradigm of the fitness industry has evolved from throwing a barrage of fancy exercises, to building true health & fitness using science-based lifestyle medicine. Sadly, we still hear about people getting injured from improper form, over-training and developing eating disorders to achieve their ideal body. That’s why our goal for you is to extend your body’s durability for the long run, through nutrition, exercise and physical therapy with the support of a physician. 



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Sports Injury & Rehab

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Parkinson's Disease


KE WYNN, LEE a.k.a “Wynn”

Exercise Director

Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) by American Council of Exercise (ACE)
Orthopedic Exercise Specialist Certified (ACE)
The BioMechanics Method Corrective Exercise Specialist (TBMM-CES)
Cancer Exercise Specialist Advance Qualification (CETI)
Certified Sports Injury Massage Therapist (Advance)
ASCM Exercise is Medicine Certified (Level 1)
Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue  Manipulation Certified (IASTM-OMT)
NAT Trigger Point Therapy Certified (Level 1)

American Heart Association (AHA) CPR/AED Certified

Ke Wynn strongly believes in a holistic approach when it comes to health and fitness. He is a strong advocate on eating right and getting enough rest on top of a good exercise. As someone who was once overweight, he aspires to get other people into shape, the right way. The opportunity to change people’s life is what drives him forward as a coach and a corrective exercise specialist.

Ke Wynn, an author and an international award-winning specialist currently owns and operates a private Medical Fitness Center in Penang. Apart from coaching, he also conducts workshops and actively contributes articles related to corrective exercise, fitness & health to online media and local magazines.

MedFit Pro of the month for September, 2020
Nominee for MedFit Pro of the Year 2020
The BioMechanics Method Corrective Exercise Specialist of the Year 2018

Author of Pain Free Fitness
Featured Writer for Medfit Network
Featured Writer for
Featured Writer for Running Malaysia Magazine
Featured Writer for Cycling Malaysia

Personal Achievements:
Ironman 70.3 Finisher
Penang International Half Marathon Finisher
PD International Triathlon Finisher (Olympic Distance)
Viper Challenge Finisher
Penang International Duathlon Finisher
Reebok Challenge Finisher
Off Road Cycling Jamboree Finisher
Round Island Relay
Penang Round Island Cycling Challenge
Kedah Century (160KM) Ride



BARRE Instructor at CrossBarre
LesMills Instructor – Body Combat, RPM, Body Step
Personal Trainer

In her early 20’s, Alishia started off her career in fitness as a certified LesMills instructor at major fitness clubs around Penang. Apart from conducting high-energy group classes, she was also one of the most sought after female personal trainer at Celebrity Fitness. Alishia took a short break from the fitness scene after delivering her first daughter. Now, she is back coaching and conducting Barre & HIIT group classes at CrossBarre together with Ke Wynn.


Personal Trainer

Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) by American Council of Exercise (ACE)
Senior Fitness Specialist Program
Function First Pain-Free Movement Specialist

Kim Yee holds a degree in B.Sc. Life Sciences (specialise in Biomedical Science) from National University of Singapore. She loves playing sports since young. Nevertheless, shoulder and ankle injuries are also part of the side effect by being active. Certified Personal Trainer program has given her a new perspective on pain-free exercise. This motivated her to continue her effort to help more people in enjoying sports while living a pain-free life.

After CPT, she chose to specialise in Senior Fitness as she strongly believe in helping seniors in living an active and quality life while ageing gracefully. “Use it or lose it!” is her motto in conducting Senior Fitness Program.

Visiting Specialist



Dr. Terrence Chee, the founder of The Osteopathic Approach, has been providing Osteopathy and Physical Therapy services within the fitness industry since 2010. A passion for holistic healthcare has led him to focus on comprehensive musculoskeletal optimization which includes aspects within Osteopathy, fitness, and nutrition in his daily practice. This results in services that are personalized and effective to all patients.

While regularly attending courses and reading to stay abreast of the latest knowledge and development, he enjoys educating and creating awareness on fitness, wellness and health topics. This cycle provides a great sense of encouragement and fulfillment as he continues to witness lives improve on a daily basis. Besides an exciting career as an Osteopath, Dr. Terrence spends his time reading, running and traveling.

Special interest in:
Neck, upper back and shoulder injury

Visiting Specialist



A dietitian who is passionate in making healthy eating practical, sustainable, and suited to individual needs. She believes that healthy eating can and should be part of a healthy lifestyle. Translating evidence-based medical nutrition therapy into individualized dietary advice to empower and guide individuals to manage their conditions through dietary and lifestyle changes. She has experience in the clinical setting helping individuals with various needs. From weight loss and non-communicable diseases such as diabetes and high cholesterol levels, to texture modified diets for post-stroke rehabilitation and nutrition support. Besides that, she also conducts workshops, health talks, produce articles and social media contents relating to food and nutrition. Ivy has special interest in weight loss for individuals with diabetes, oncology nutrition, and geriatric nutrition.

As a former national athlete in fencing, and now a certified personal trainer, Ivy strongly advocates a multidisciplinary team approach to better support individuals for optimum outcomes. Each person is unique and so is each person’s needs. Healthy eating is not a one-size-fits-all meal plan, but eating habits built to support one’s health and needs that over time becomes a lifestyle.

Visiting Specialist

TCM Practitioner & Acupuncturist

Xadra studied TCM in Shanghai, China and graduated with a Master Degree of Medicine in Clinical Acupuncture and Massage from Shanghai University of TCM. She started her clinical practice in Shanghai’s hospitals and worked on a clinical trial study research on acupuncture in preventing mild cognitive impairment during her studies.

Her passion lies in learning the Chinese ancient laws of health and disease transformation in human activities, and the science of prevention, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and health care. She views the human body as a whole. To maintain a healthy body, all of the bodily organs need to function in unison. She is experienced in using various TCM methodologies, such as acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping, auricular points treatment, bloodletting and herbal prescription to treat diseases like insomnia, depression, facial paralysis, weight loss, various chronic pain and chronic diseases.

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